[FOSDEM] planning PDF for sunday shows "saturday"

Tias Guns tias at fosdem.org
Fri Jan 30 00:39:29 CET 2015

On 01/30/2015 12:16 AM, baud123 at tuxfamily.org wrote:
> Hi,
> As usual I printed too many fosdem plannings... Then I realized why: the
> sunday one shows "saturday" at the bottom (after page 1-8).

Oh my, thanks for spotting that!
I actually added a macro for each day to avoid something like that, but 
then forgot to update it ; )

> see https://tmp.fosdem.org/booklet-official/booklet_sun-print.pdf :
> saturday still appears at the bottom :/ Maybe there's still time to
> correct it for this friday before too many people print it :D
> If it had been available as ODT (and then exported as PDF) I could have
> provided a patch :p It's really a good work, took me only 15 min to
> print (I spent once ago more than 2 hours formatting this planning to
> take less than 10 pages...).
> I printed page 2-4 recto/verso so that I have a blank page I can write
> on (I know the plan of fosdem :D).
> Thanks for the new format in 4 pages recto-verso !

You're very welcome!

If you're interested, source is here:

Kind regards,

> See you
> @++
> Ben'. aka BAud
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