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Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen at gaeremyn.be
Thu Nov 12 22:01:43 CET 2015

Nice action!
Kudos for writing about inclusive behavior without singling out specific
groups like PHP or Perl developers ;)

Maybe it should be clear on the conduct page who the recipients of the
email address are (be it the individual names, or the group name that
could in turn be looked up).


On 12-11-15 21:09, Johan van Selst wrote:
> Johan van Selst wrote:
>> Just a short note to let the community know that the FOSDEM staff has
>> not been ignoring the discussion about appropriate conduct,
>> inclusiveness and harassment at conferences. We do take these issues
>> seriously. The organisation wishes to provide a safe and welcoming
>> environment for all participants and does not condone offensive
>> behaviour. This is already established policy.
>> There will be a FOSDEM Code of Conduct that clarifies the position of
>> the organisation in this regard. We plan to publish this text soon.
> The text of the FOSDEM Code of Conduct has been published on our website
> 	https://fosdem.org/2016/practical/conduct
> As previously announced, there will be a small team at FOSDEM 2016
> who will coordinate incident handling at the conference.
> Best regards,
> Johan van Selst
> FOSDEM Staff
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