[FOSDEM] Call for Talks: Internet of Things Developer Room

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Sat Oct 24 12:49:36 CEST 2015

See http://iot-devroom.wikidot.com/blog:3 for full text.

On 30 January 2016, we're organizing the third [http://fosdem.org
FOSDEM] devroom for the Internet of Things.

++ How to Submit a Proposal

If you have a IoT project you'd like to present, please submit it via
[https://penta.fosdem.org/submission FOSDEM's Pentabarf] web tool. You
will create an account (if you don't have one from a previous year),
and select the "Internet of Things devroom" as the track.

We'll discuss and select talks on
[https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo/iot-devroom the iot-devroom mailing
list]. If you want to join in the review process, please just join
that group. The organizers will take the final decision on talks where
there is no consensus.

We're looking for talks that cover one or more of the following topics:

* FOSS solutions for machine-to-machine communication on small embedded devices.
* Distributed FOSS applications in any field of interest for
autonomous/self-controlled devices, (e.g. domotics, automotive, etc.
* Presentation of embedded devices with one or more possibilities to
join a network.
* Infrastructure related (TCP/IP, mesh networking, message queuing,
cross-layer solutions).
* Real-life problematics and their solution (Cost of maintenance,
power management, reachability).
* Interoperability solutions for heterogeneous applications, devices,
protocols, media.

All presentations must be fully FOSS, and related to software development.

The devroom will last one day, from 9.00 until 17:00 (final schedule
still to be decided). Talks will last 25 minutes each, starting on the
hour, with a 5-minute break between talks. There will be no break for

Speakers should respect the following talk format: a ten minute demo
(live demo preferred over pre-recorded), followed by five minutes of
explanation, and then ten minutes for Q&A with the audience. All talks
are recorded and streamed live, and by submitting a talk you agree to

We want to make this devroom as interesting and diverse as possible,
which means we will favor talks that contrast each other.

The deadline for submissions is December 1st. If you submit late, your
talk may still be considered but will have to be exceptionally
interesting. The program will be finalized by December 30th.

We will aim to keep a slot open at the end of the day for open ended
discussion and unscheduled talks.

-Pieter Hintjens

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