[FOSDEM] disabilities (was: It's time for a Code of Conduct)

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Fri Oct 30 12:11:42 CET 2015

On 30 October 2015 11:50:53 CET, Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:
>The article referenced in the first post specifically mentions the
>number of "cacucsian dudes" and females. It makes no mention of people
>with disabilities.
>Here is what I observed in FOSDEM last year.
>I only saw one blind person, and I only saw two people there in wheel

But that is not related to the code of conduct or lack of one.  It could be because the local transport is unsuitable or budget airlines wouldn't bring them to Brussels or any of a number of other factors.

If the venue itself is inadequate or if the printed program could do more to help these people make best use of their time at FOSDEM then please feel free to make suggestions.



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