[FOSDEM] It's time for a Code of Conduct

Mark Van den Borre mvandenborre at fosdem.org
Fri Oct 30 19:14:21 CET 2015

Hello Ken, hello list,

2015-10-30 11:40 GMT+02:00 Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com>:
> What I find interesting with these debates is that there is rarely if
> ever a mention of disabled people[1].[...]
> So whatever you decide to do, can I ask everyone attending FOSDEM to[...]
Staff member here. Regarding accessibility, here are some of the
measures we took:
* solved some small wheelchair accessibilities inherent to the premises
* clearly added accessibility information to the FOSDEM brochure and website
* tried to use dedicated signage for wheelchair users, settled on
personal assistance by staff for wheelchair users
* reserve space for people with hearing needs in the front of the main auditoria
* clearly label a staff member (me) to deal with accessibility related
requests before, during and after the event
* consult with an accessibility specialist on possible minor
improvements on the campus
* accessibility developer room (2011), plus plenty of space for
accessibility elsewhere in the program (like in the open design
developer room this year)

Kind regards,

Mark Van den Borre
https://fosdem.org staff

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