[FOSDEM] SDR Devroom: Schedule finalized!

Martin Braun martin at gnuradio.org
Fri Dec 23 05:53:12 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

If you submitted a talk to the SDR devroom at next year's FOSDEM, you
might already be aware that we've updated the status of your
submissions. In case you hadn't checked Pentabarf though, please do so
know. Also, I don't have all submitter's email addresses, so I'm CC'ing
the mailing lists as well.

Please log in to Pentabarf and check the following items in your
submission page:
- Under the 'General' tab, your submission state should be either
'accepted' or 'rejected'. That's how you know how we decided.
- We've already grouped and scheduled the talks. If necessary, we can
shuffle times around, but we really like our current schedule.
- In some cases, we modified the durations you chose for your
presentations. In general, it's tough to fit 1-hour presentations into a
single day, so we shortened those. In 2 cases, we actually changed the
duration from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, because this works so much
better with our schedule. Don't worry if you don't actually have all
that much content: First, this includes Q&A *and* handover, and also, we
can use these as buffer time. Since we're packed to the brim, we'll try
very hard to stay on schedule throughout the day.
- If you can't make it, or there is some other issue, this would be a
really good time to let us know.
- Please provide all the info for your talk, as well as for your bio
page! For your talk, we'd like at least an abstract as well as a
description (the former can be a subset of the latter). An image/icon
would also be nice. Of course, after FOSDEM, we'd also like you to
upload your slides -- if you already have a tentative slide set, you can
upload that already. You can always update!
- The bio page is part of your account settings. It makes the whole
thing more accessible and less anonymous if you fill this out.

Thanks for making this a great track! I'm very happy with the mix of
talks, and am looking forward to meeting you all in person at ULB.


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