[FOSDEM] Key signing priority for speakers

Johan van Selst johans at fosdem.org
Sat Jan 2 09:42:25 CET 2016

Hi Pander,

Pander wrote:
> Is it possible that speakers with a presentation on Sunday afternoon
> after 14:00 can get priority for the key signing session so that it
> doesn't interfere with the presentation they are giving?

There is no specific order in wich people are handled the key signing.
All participants will be continuously working to verify each other's
identity. You can still participate if you have to leave early,
however then you won't have been able to meet all other participants.

The procedure that is used to let all people check the keys and
identities of the participants at the PGP key signing is explained on
https://fosdem.org/2016/keysigning/ under the header 'The key signing
event itself'.

Best regards,
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