[FOSDEM] CFP for Mozilla Devroom

Francisco Picolini fpicolini at mozilla.com
Mon Oct 24 20:22:57 CEST 2016

Hello everyone,

We have published our call for papers in our Discourse platform:

Below the whole message:

*This is a call for all mozillians (staff and volunteers) to propose
your talks for FOSDEM.*

If you want, you can propose a talk for the other dev-rooms in pentabarf

*The topics that we want to cover for this next edition are*:
* Rust/Servo
* Privacy tools
* Diversity & Inclusion
* IoT/Connected Devices
* WebVR
* WebCompat
* Addons
* Firefox for Android / iOS
* HTML5 games
* Firefox

However, we will accept any other topic, but ideally these are the
suggested ones.

*Important Information*
Duration of the talks: 30 minutes including Q&A
Deadline: December 1st.
Acceptance notifications: December 15th.

Presentations will be recorded and streamed, so sending your proposal it
will imply that you accept and give permission for this. Note that
recording will be published under the same license as all FOSDEM content
(cc-by), however, exceptions could be requested.

To submit your proposal, visit :

If you have previously sent a proposal for FOSDEM, you should probably
have a pentabarf account. So we kindly suggest you to not create a new
one. If you forgot your password, please reset it. If this is your first
time using pentabarf, go ahead and create an account.

After you have your account configured (you will receive a confirmation
email), create the event, and click on "Show all" in the top right
corner to display the full form. When submitting your talk in pentabarf,
make sure to select "Mozilla DevRoom" as track, and include the
following information:

  * The title and subtitle of your talk
  * A short abstract of one paragraph
  * A longer description if you wish to do so
  * Links to related websites/blogs etc

All contributors who will be selected for a talk, will be sponsored for
travel and accommodation.


Francisco Picolini
Community Events Coordinator
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