[FOSDEM] Delay in Reviewing Proposals for Community DevRoom

Leslie Hawthorn mebelh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 19:05:07 CET 2017

Hello everyone,

We have sent a note to each individual submitter, but following up here on
list to ensure that folks receive notification.

Both Laura Czajkowski and I, co-organizers of the Community DevRoom, have
been preoccupied with family matters for the past few weeks and have not
been able to organize the work needed from the program committee to make
our selections in time 11 December 2018.

We now plan to have all submissions reviewed and all those who submitted to
our CFP notified of the results no later 18 December 2018.

Our sincerest apologies for the delay. If you require an answer more
quickly, e.g. due to travel budgeting, please let us know. We will do our
best to at least provide quick feedback if the paper does not look well
targeted for us.

Thanks again to all who submitted papers for the Community DevRoom and we
hope to see each and every one of you at FOSDEM!

Laura and Leslie

Leslie Hawthorn
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