[FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Identity and Access Management devroom @ FOSDEM 2018

Alexander Bokovoy ab at samba.org
Mon Dec 11 09:49:19 CET 2017

A call for papers for Identity and Access Management developer room at
FOSDEM 2018 closed few weeks ago and now I'm pleased to announce that a
schedule of selected talks is available at

We've got 25 talk proposals for our first devroom. With only 8.30 hours
of schedule available, 14 talks were chosen. Even with 2/3rd of
proposals in, length of the talks had to be limited to ~30-40 minutes
for all of the talks to allow a wider coverage of topics.

Thank you to all people who submitted their proposals. A work you are
doing on free software is very important. Even if your talk wasn't
chosen, I hope to see you and everyone else in Brussels at FOSDEM 2018!

On ma, 09 loka 2017, Alexander Bokovoy via samba-technical wrote:
> Welcome to Identity and Access Management developer room at FOSDEM 2018
> (Brussels, Belgium, February 3rd).
> FOSDEM is a free software event that offers open source communities a place to
> meet, share ideas and collaborate.  It is renown for being highly developer-
> oriented and brings together 8000+ participants from all over the world.  It
> is held in the city of Brussels (Belgium).
> FOSDEM 2018 will take place during the weekend of February 3rd-4th 2018. More
> details about the event can be found at http://fosdem.org/
> On Saturday, February 3rd, FOSDEM will see a first-time Identity and Access
> Management developer room. Devrooms are a place for development teams to meet,
> discuss, hack and publicly present their project's latest improvements and
> future directions.
> Identity and Access Management (IAM/IdM) is a concept that touches everyone's
> lives. We all have many identities and associated credentials to manage.  At
> work, we need to access many kinds of services every day, sometimes with
> multiple identities and using different authentication methods. Those who
> deploy identity infrastructure need also to deal with audit and monitoring of
> user activities. Security is paramount but efficiency and ease of use matter
> too!
> ** Call For Participation
> The IAM/IdM developer room is devoted to all things Identity Management. Both
> server and client side free software projects in the area of identity
> management are welcomed to present their state and progress.
> Presentation topics could include:
> - Security: algorithms and protocols for IAM/IdM;
>   passwords and password alternatives
> - Federated and social identity;
>   leveraging external identities in applications
> - Audit, compliance, monitoring
> - User experience, desktop integration
> - Free software IAM/IdM offerings
> - IAM/IdM deployment reports
> and more. Don't be shy and show how your project helps to improve our lives.
> ** Important dates:
>  - 26 Nov 2017:  submission deadline for talk proposals
>  - 15 Dec 2017:  announcement of the final schedule
>  -  3 Feb 2018:  Identity and Access Management devroom (Saturday)
> Talk proposals will be reviewed by a steering committee:
>  - Alexander Bokovoy (Samba Team, FreeIPA // Red Hat Inc.)
>  - Marcus Rückert (OpenSUSE Infrastructure // SUSE LINUX GmbH)
>  - Jakub Hrozek (SSSD // Red Hat Inc.)
>  - Timo Aaltonen (Debian, Ubuntu // Canonical)
> Use the FOSDEM 'pentabarf' tool to submit your proposal:
> https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM18
> - If necessary, create a Pentabarf account and activate it.
>   Please reuse your account from previous years if you have
>   already created it.
> - In the "Person" section, provide First name, Last name
>   (in the "General" tab), Email (in the "Contact" tab)
>   and Bio ("Abstract" field in the "Description" tab).
> - Submit a proposal by clicking on "Create event".
> - Important! Select the "Identity and Access Management devroom" track
>   (on the "General" tab).
> - Provide the title of your talk ("Event title" in the "General" tab).
> - Provide a description of the subject of the talk and the
>   intended audience (in the "Abstract" field of the "Description" tab)
> - Provide a rough outline of the talk or goals of the session (a short
>   list of bullet points covering topics that will be discussed) in the
>   "Full description" field in the "Description" tab
> - Provide an expected length of your talk in the "Duration" field. Please
>   count at least 10 minutes of discussion into your proposal.
> Suggested talk length would be 15, 20+10, 30+10, and 40+10 minutes.
> ** Recording of talks
> The FOSDEM organizers plan to have live streaming and recording fully working,
> both for remote/later viewing of talks, and so that people can watch streams
> in the hallways when rooms are full. This requires speakers to consent to
> being recorded and streamed. If you plan to be a speaker, please understand
> that by doing so you implicitly give consent for your talk to be recorded and
> streamed. The recordings will be published under the same license as all
> FOSDEM content (CC-BY).
> -- 
> / Alexander Bokovoy

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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