[FOSDEM] Late Arrival to Keysigning Party?

Anton Marchukov anton at marchukov.com
Tue Jan 3 23:41:09 CET 2017


Anybody minds if I arrive late to the keysigning party, e.g. by about
30 minutes? Is it generally possible?

Previously, I was always joining from the beginning, but this time I
have my talk overlapping slightly with the beginning of the keysigning

I do not mind if I get fifty signatures less or so. AFAIK
Zimmermann–Sassaman protocol is quite ok for that besides the group
check of the hash of the key list file. But, I will be quite convinced
that it matches if I do sufficient number of random comparisons with
what other people have.

Then I should be able to squeeze in the circle and finish the rest of
the verification.

Hope nobody objects that and I did not overlook any security or other


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