[FOSDEM] How to sign multiple PGP keys at once?

gregor herrmann gregor+fosdem at comodo.priv.at
Sat Jun 24 00:25:56 CEST 2017

On Fri, 23 Jun 2017 21:46:00 +0000, Justin W. Flory wrote:

> Thanks Gregor, caff was the tool I was trying to remember. I found it in
> Fedora packaged under `gpg-tools`. However, do you know of any way to
> get caff to use a GPG keyring to sign keys, or did you all hand-type
> 100+ key IDs when you all signed everyone else's keys? 

caff can read the key IDs from KSP lists:

caff [-eERS] [-m yes|ask-yes|ask-no|no] [-u yourkeyid] [keyid ..] </path/to/ksp-annotated.txt
       The list of keys to sign can also be provided through caff's
       standard input, as gpgparticipants(1) formatted content. Only
       keys for which both the "Fingerprint OK" and "ID OK" boxes are
       ticked (i.e., marked with an "x") are considered for signing.
       Furthermore, the input header must include at least one
       checksum line, and all checksum boxes must be marked as
       verified (with an "x").

I'm not sure if it works with FOSDEM's key list but it might be worth
a try.

> I'm curious if
> anyone has a faster way of using caff to sign this many keys, especially
> if they're already on a standalone keyring.

The keyring contains more keys than what you are probably going to
sign, so somehow you need to specify which ones to pick.


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