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Kristoff kristoff at skypro.be
Tue Feb 6 17:28:10 CET 2018


On 06-02-18 16:09, Pierre FICHEUX wrote:
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> https://smile.eu/fr/offres/embarque-iot
> I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code
The source-code is out there. It's called "the human DNA" :-)

I also have a small remark for the organisators of FOSDEM.

A friend of mine came to visit FOSDEM for the first time, coming by 
train (etterbeek station).

If you go on foot from Etterbeek railway station to FOSDEM and you enter 
the ULB from that side, there are no signs how to get to the part of the 
ULB campus where FOSDEM is going on.
So perhaps a small sign on that side of the ULB campus would be nice.

But for the rest I can only say I am very possitive about FOSDEM 2018 
and how it was organised.
(concerning the foodtruck, .. having to wait is line was for me a good 
opportunity to people).

Kristoff (hamradio infobooth)

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