[FOSDEM] Some feedback

Oliver Hoffmann oh at dom.de
Tue Feb 6 17:46:12 CET 2018

Hi all,

there could be more information about parking. Especially if you have a
camper van or motor home. 

So some hints.

-If you arrive after 22:00 everything will be closed. No way to enter
the car park
-If you arrive to late during the day it'll be full and closed as well
-There are no parking fees down in Av. Uruguay. Thus possible to stay
there over night. Tram 94 is close.
-Parking and even staying in the car over night is OK for 24h
-Old Diesel cars are not allowed in the city but Camper vans/motor
homes are 
-Entering the car park with such a car and "camp" there might raise
questions. There was nobody telling me off or something though.
Politness and or being a volunteer might help
-I have no idea about parking fees. I just saw that you have to pay
everywhere close to ULB and then there were other areas where parking
was free of charge

I know it is next to impossible to solve it but very often the rooms
were to full or even closed due to too many people. I missed three or
four interesting talks because of that. 

And yeah, there could be more food trucks!



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