[FOSDEM] first edition of the SDR devroom at fosdem ?

Kristoff kristoff at skypro.be
Thu Feb 8 17:32:20 CET 2018

Nicolas (Frank, Les, Claus),

That all for your replies.
(I'll try not to spam the mailing-list to much so I'll to reply one 
single mail).

Well, the report is about the ham-radio infobooth that was in the AW 
building, explaining why we did where there.

Most people outside the IT-world equate "open source" (if they know the 
term at all :-) ) with computer programs. So I need to explain What an 
amateur radio-organisation is doing in (what they think) a conference 
that deals with computers.

The point I want to make in the rapport is that the open-source culture 
thesedays also include quite a number of other fields; some of them 
(hardware, electronics, RF, SDR, electroncs-design software, ...) quite 
related to ham-radio.

Based on the information provided by Frank and Les, it looks like 
"embedded" has been part of FOSDEM for actually quite early on, with the 
SDR devroom added 4 years ago.
(I should check on the "CAD" devroom).

Thanks all for the help.

Kr. Bonne.

On 08-02-18 09:59, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Dear
> I have been there since the first, much smaller edition on campus 
> plaine. I've not been able to attend every year though but many.
> Have you setup a pad that we could collaboratively edit to help you?
> Regards
> Nicolas
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