[FOSDEM] Transport and accomodation. What about campervans?

Oliver Hoffmann oh at dom.de
Fri Jan 5 16:36:05 CET 2018

Thank you for that information. 

> Note that since 2018-01-01, Brussels is a low-emission zone. All
> Diesel vehicles that are not compliant with at least Euro 2 are
> banned from the entire Region.  Next year, Euro 2-compliant
> vehicles will be banned as well, and also gasoline-powered vehicles
> compliant with Euro 1 or less.  Each year the minimal requirement
> will be raised, until 2025 when all Diesel vehicles will be banned.
> See http://www.lez.brussels/ for details.

There is an exception regarding motorhomes though. 

> FOSDEM 2018 falls within the grace period of 9 months during which
> offending vehicles will be ticketed but not fined.  FOSDEM 1019
> will not.
> In the city of Brussels, parking for camper vans, as well as for
> any private vehicle occupying public space, is additionally
> restricted to 24 hours: https://www.brussels.be/parking-camper-vans
> (in fact, almost all municipalities restrict parking of any private
> vehicle on public space to 24 hours or less).

All right then I just move the car a bit after 24h ;)


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