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Emanuil Tolev emanuil at fosdem.org
Fri Dec 14 15:01:03 CET 2018

Hi olcbean,

Thanks a lot for the generous offer of time and resources! I personally
didn't see this since my mail provider "could not verify that it actually
came from yahoo.com", I only found it digging through my spam for
something. Will bring it up with the rest of the volunteer team shortly.


On Mon, 3 Dec 2018 at 14:16, olcbean <olcbean at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I am one of the volunteers from last years FOSDEM event. It was a ton of
> fun and I am really looking forward to volunteering in 2019 again! One
> of the difficulties I had as a first timer was recognizing fellow
> volunteers during the event, and no (nick-) names to go by to keep in
> touch after.
> I would like to propose a small memorabilia / incentive for the
> volunteers this year. As an extra to go with the FOSDEM-themed lanyards,
> I would like to provide laminated badges for all registered volunteers
> (and the organizers of course). I have access to a laminator and the
> necessary supplies - the only help I would need is the actual design for
> the badges.
> All volunteers registered 2 days prior to the event will have their
> badges already waiting for them, and there also will be the possibility
> of filling in blank badges on the spot ;)
> I think this would be a nice small memorabilia that volunteers like me
> will really appreciate.
> Let me know what you think!
> olcbean
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