[FOSDEM] From Germany to Brussels

Ghosty ghosty.be at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 17:23:10 CET 2019

Nice idea to do car sharing... and yes would be awesome to have an app 
for that. I know there is a Belgian website for ride sharing called 
taxistop.be where you could find a carpool ride in Belgium, but for 
international carpooling that refers to https://eurostop.carpool.be/ it 

PS: I hope you read this part of our website!
As of 2018, the ULB campus Solbosch is within the Brussels Low Emissions 
Zone (LEZ). Drivers of cars registered abroad are required to register 
before entering the LEZ, or risk being fined. Registering is free of 
charge. More information can be found here:



On 24/01/19 14:20, Pander wrote:
> Hi all,
> Each year this is offered in various ways. I also have place for people. 
> Can we use an app or system to manage this better? It could reduce the 
> number of cars looking for a place to park for FOSDEM.
> There are already a few apps for the schedule, such as Giggity and 
> FOSDEM Companion. Is there an app or system for ride sharing to FOSS 
> events? Could also be used for CCC and other organisations.
> Best,
> Pander
> On 1/24/19 1:12 PM, Yannik Catalinac wrote:
>> Hello people,
>> anyone from Germany who would like to travel with me to Brussels?
>> I'm living in the south (Ravensburg) and I have 6 free seats in my 
>> car. I could also pick you up on the way.
>> So sharing the fuel costs and saving money for more nerd stuff would 
>> be nice ;)
>> Greetings
>> Yannik
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