[FOSDEM] Call for volunteers!

Emanuil Tolev emanuil at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 31 16:26:23 CET 2019

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has signed up, which is a lot of you! Final request
for help this year.
Tasks are at: https://volunteers.fosdem.org/tasks/ - if you haven't signed
up and are wondering, please do :).


- We only need 4 more people for the cloakroom on Saturday evening, but
it's an important task that becomes nearly impossible with less people.
Likewise, we need only 4 more people for the Sunday afternoon + evening.

- 2 talks really need at least one herald on Sunday:
    - Heralding: Fine-grained Distributed Application Monitoring Using
LTTng at 12:00. Likely interesting to see for sysadmins, (dev)ops people
and web devs with an interest in monitoring.
    - Heralding: Open Source C#, .NET, and Blazor - everywhere PLUS
WebAssembly at 15:00. Topics obviously WebAsm, but also a little bit about
how Microsoft shows a turn-around in its position towards open-source, a
pretty hot topic regardless of your own position :).

- At least 2 people at Infodesk H at 17:00-18:30. If you're doing clean-up
anyway this may fit well with your schedule.

There are also a few other opportunities of lower priority, including
lighting talks heralding and video camera operation.

Many FOSDEM teams have made improvements this year so hopefully you'll find
various processes go more smoothly this year.
See you all very very soon!

FOSDEM Volunteers Team

On Wed, 23 Jan 2019 at 15:15, Emanuil Tolev <emanuil at fosdem.org> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Thanks for coming out in such numbers so far, it's very reassuring to your
> friendly organising team!
> We do need a few more people.
> If you've already signed up, the schedule been finalised recently so many
> more room heralding tasks are available.
> https://volunteers.fosdem.org/tasks/
> We particularly need room heralds, lighting talk heralds and video camera
> operators. Please consider volunteering for one of these roles if you want
> to go to the talk anyway. They are very simple to do, you're guaranteed
> entry to the room, and you'll still see the talk!
> For the locals among you: FOSDEM needs some help in the nearby city of
> Leuven before and after the event. See Thursday and Monday evening van
> (un)loading tasks for details.
> There will be just one more email, to highlight urgent volunteer needs
> shortly before the conference.
> Greetings,
> Emanuil
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 06:57, Emanuil <emanuil at fosdem.org> wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> We've been reliably informed that FOSDEM 2019 is happening soon. We look
>> forward to seeing you all in Brussels! Oh, and our Call for Volunteers is
>> out: https://fosdem.org/2019/news/2019-01-10-call-for-volunteers/
>> Come help out, it'll be fun! Plus of course, it would be literally
>> impossible to make this community event happen without all the wonderful
>> people who volunteer.
>> Kind regards,
>> The FOSDEM Volunteers Team
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