[FOSDEM] Thank you!

Pieter De Praetere pieter at fosdem.org
Mon Feb 4 13:51:33 CET 2019


A big thank you to all volunteers, speakers, devroom organizers, stand holders 
and all other visitors for making this an amazing FOSDEM. I especially wish to 
thank the devroom managers, speakers and visitors of the MySQL, MariaDB and 
Friends devroom and the Community devroom for their patience and understanding 
when we had to move them from the H to the U building because their room was 

On behalf of the building team, I must also thank every visitor, volunteer, 
devroom manager and stand holder for cleaning up so well we were able to finish 
clean-up in a record time. Without your help this would not have been 
possible, so thank you very much!

We hope to see you again next year!

Pieter & the FOSDEM building team

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