[FOSDEM] Thank you

Bruno Cornec Bruno.Cornec at hpe.com
Wed Feb 6 18:35:18 CET 2019

>> First of all a big thank you to all speakers, devroom organizers and
>> all other volunteers that make this event possible. Also a big thank
>> you for all our visitors. Without all of you FOSDEM would not be. 
>It was my first time speaking at FOSDEM this year -- thanks to the
>Decentralized Internet and Privacy Devroom organisers for the experience
>and thanks to the FOSDEM technical folks for fixing our projector problems
>so my slides could be seen by those in the room.

I'm impressed by the size the event got after all these years (and remebering less crowdy versions ;-) and even more by the organization, the kindness of room organizers, who helped with the HDMI new requirements as well as the video team, totheir ability to accept my conf as a replacement of a sick speaker so nicely.

It's great to be able to meet face to face with so many people we're interacting with by mail otherwise. Helps greatly !
If only I could attend every year ! But I'll do my best to be there as well next year.

Thanks a lot
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