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Please see the following copy for the Community DevRoom CFP.

FOSDEM 2021 (Online) – Community DevRoom Call for Participation!

The twenty-first edition of FOSDEM will take place 6-7 February, 2021 –
online, and we’re happy to announce that there will be a virtual Community
DevRoom as part of the event.

Key dates / New updates


   Conference dates 6-7 February, 2021 (online)

   Community DevRoom date: Sunday, 7 February, 2021 (online)

   Submission deadline: 22 December, 2020

   Announcement of selected talks: 31 December, 2020

   Submission of recorded talks: 17 January, 2021


   Talks will be pre-recorded in advance, and streamed during the event

   Q/A session will be taken live

   A facility will be provided for people watching to chat between

   A facility will be provided for people watching to submit questions

   The reference time will be Brussels local time (CET)

   Talk submissions should be 30/40 mins – please specify the duration in
   your submission


The Community DevRoom will be back at FOSDEM 2021 (Online). Our goals in
running this DevRoom are to:


   Educate those who are primarily software developers on
   community-oriented topics that are vital in the process of software
   development, e.g. effective collaboration

   Provide concrete advice on dealing with squishy human problems

   To unpack preconceived ideas of what community is and the role it plays
   in human society, free software, and a corporate-dominated world in 2021

   We are seeking proposals on all aspects of creating and nurturing
   communities for free software projects


Here are some topics we are interested in hearing more about this year:


   Creating sustainable communities in the midst of a pandemic

   Community and engagement in a virtual world

   Virtually overworked? Burnout is real, and even more so now.

   Conflict resolution

   How are communities changing in the face of a pandemic and how has it
   affected them?

Again, these are just suggestions. We welcome proposals on any aspect of
community building!



   Head to the FOSDEM 2021 Pentabarf <https://penta.fosdem.org/submission>


   If you already have a Pentabarf account, please don’t create a new one.

   If you forgot your password, reset it.

   Otherwise, follow the instructions to create an account.

   Once logged in, select, “Create Event” and click on “Show All” in the
   top right corner to display the full form.

   Your submission must include the following information:


   First and last name / Nickname (optional)/ Image

   Email address

   Mobile phone number (this is a very hard requirement as there will be no
   other reliable form of emergency communication on the day)


   Title and subtitle of your talk (please be descriptive, as titles will
   be listed with ~500 from other projects)

   Track: Select “Community DevRoom” as the track

   Event type: Lecture (talk)

   Persons: Add yourself as the speaker with your bio

   Description: Abstract (required)/ Full Description (optional)

   Links to related websites / blogs etc.

   Beyond giving us the above, let us know if there’s anything else you’d
   like to share as part of your submission – Twitter handle, GitHub activity
   history – whatever works for you. We especially welcome videos of you
   speaking elsewhere, or even just a list of talks you have done previously.
   First time speakers are, of course, welcome!

   For issues with Pentabarf, please contact
   community-devroom at lists.fosdem.org. Feel free to send a notification of
   your submission to that email.



   Once your talk is accepted, you will be assigned a volunteer to help you
   with producing your pre-recorded content.

   This volunteer will help review the content and ensure it has the
   required quality, and ensure the content is entered into the system and
   ready to broadcast.

   You must be available for the Q/A session on the day your session is

FOSDEM website <https://fosdem.org/2021/>

FOSDEM code of conduct <https://fosdem.org/2021/practical/conduct/>

If you need to get in touch with the organizers or program committee of the
Community DevRoom, email us at community-devroom at lists.fosdem.org

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Leslie Hawthorn, Shirley Bailes and Laura Czajkowski

Community DevRoom Co-OrganizersCommunity

DevRoom Mailing List: community-devroom at lists.fosdem.org

Thank you!
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