[FOSDEM] Call for Participation (CfP): Kernel Devroom

Christian Brauner brauner at kernel.org
Wed Nov 9 11:24:17 UTC 2022

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation (CfP) for the
FOSDEM 2023 Kernel Devroom.

FOSDEM 2023 will be over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of February in
Brussels, Belgium. FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised
by the community for the community. The goal is to provide free and open
source software developers and communities a place to meet to:

* get in touch with other developers and projects;
* be informed about the latest developments in the free software world;
* be informed about the latest developments in the open source world;
* attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by project leaders and committers;
* to promote the development and benefits of free software and open source solutions.
* Participation and attendance is totally free, though the organisers gratefully accept donations and sponsorship.

## Format
The Kernel Devroom will be running all day on Sunday, 5 February,
starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm.

We’re looking for talk or demo proposals in one of the following 4 sizes:

10 minutes (e.g., a short demo)
20 minutes (e.g., a project update)
30 minutes (e.g., introduction to a new technology or a deep dive on a complex feature)
40 minutes (e.g., a deep dive on a complex feature)

In all cases, please allow for at least 5 minutes of questions (10min
preferred for the 30min slots). In general, shorter content will be more
likely to get approved as we want to cover a wide range of topics.

## Proposals
Proposals should be sent through the FOSDEM scheduling system at:
https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM23/ Note that if you submitted
a proposal to FOSDEM in the past, you can and should re-use your
existing account rather than register a new one. If you have no account
yet please create a new one. Make sure to fill in your speaker bio.

Please select the “Kernel” as the track and ensure you include the
following information when submitting a proposal:

| Section | Field	| Notes                                                                           |
| ------- | ----------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| Person  | Name(s)	| Your first, last and public names.                                              |
| Person  | Abstract	| A short bio.                                                                    |
| Person  | Photo	| Please provide a photo.                                                         |
| Event	  | Event Title	| This is the title of your talk - please be descriptive to encourage attendance. |
| Event	  | Abstract	| Short abstract of one or two paragraphs.                                        |
| Event	  | Duration	| Please indicate the length of your talk; 10 min, 20 min, 30, or 40 min          |

The CfP deadline is Saturday, 10 December 2022.

## Topics
The Kernel Devroom aims to cover a wide range of different topics so
don’t be shy. The following list should just serve as an inspiration:

* Filesystems and Storage
* io_uring
* Tracing
* eBPF
* Fuzzing
* System Boot
* Security
* Virtualization
* Rust in the Linux Kernel

# Code of Conduct
We’d like to remind all speakers and attendees that all of the
presentations and discussions in our devroom are held under the
guidelines set in the FOSDEM Code of Conduct and we expect attendees,
speakers, and volunteers to follow the CoC at all times.

If you submit a proposal and it is accepted, you will be required to
confirm that you accept the FOSDEM CoC. If you have any questions about
the CoC or wish to have one of the devroom organizers review your
presentation slides or any other content for CoC compliance, please
email us and we will do our best to assist you.

An up to date version of the CfP can always be found at

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