[FOSDEM] Call for participation: Network Devroom at FOSDEM 2024

Luca Deri deri at ntop.org
Thu Nov 9 14:38:25 UTC 2023

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation for the  FOSDEM 2024 (On-campus) Network Devroom

The FOSDEM Network devroom hosts a diversity of talks covering open source networking projects and technologies. The scope of the Network devroom is broad and targets those software developers engaged in network design, monitoring, management and software development with open source tools.

We typically host a variety of talks on networking topics including:
   - Network monitoring (inventory, discovery and telemetry)
   - Network management (enterprise, carrier-grade, cloud, IoT)
   - Networking protocols (the full alphabet soup)
   - Cybersecurity (IPS, IDS, Deep-Packet Inspection)
   - Development tools (libraries, SDKs, plugins)
   - Network stacks

Suggested Topics

If it moves network packets, monitors, or interacts with, or supervises entities that move network packets, it is likely a topic the devroom is interested in. A very /non-exhaustive/ list of the projects and topics we would love to see on the schedule are:

   Monitoring     CheckMK, collectd, Icinga2, Naemon, ntopng 
   Frameworks  DPDK, eBPF, FD.io, PF_RING, XDP
   Switching      FastClick, Open vSwitch, Snabb
   Stacks          BSD, F-Stack, Linux
   Container      CNI, Cilium, Docker, Falco, Kubernetes
   Routing         BIRD, FRRouting, Go-BGP
   Security         nDPI, OPNsense, Snort, Suricata, Wazuh, Zeek
   Scanning       nmap, OpenVAS, zmap
   Peer-to-peer DHTs, Gossip, hole punching
   Tooling         Moongen, Scapy, TRex, VSPerf, Warp17
   Telcos          free5GC, Kamailio, Magma Core, Nephio, Osmocom

Talks should be aimed at a technical audience, but should not assume that attendees are already familiar with your project or how it solves a given problem. Talk proposals may cover very specific solutions to a problem, or may be a higher-level project overview for lesser-known projects.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 8th December 2023
Acceptance notifications: 10th December 2023
Final schedule announcement: 15th December 2023
Devroom: 3rd February 2024


To submit a talk, please visit the [FOSDEM 2024 Pretalx
website](https://pretalx.fosdem.org/fosdem-2024/cfp). Note that Pentabarf is longer available.

Please select the "Network" as the *track* and ensure you include all the requested information when submitting a proposal including:
- name
- short bio
- contact info
- title (funny titles are ~~required~~/appreciated)
- abstract (what you're gonna talk about)
- duration

Code of Conduct

We'd like to remind all speakers and attendees that all of the presentations and discussions in our devroom are held under the guidelines set in the CoC and we expect attendees, speakers, and volunteers to follow the CoC at all times.

If you submit a proposal and it is accepted, you will be required to confirm that you accept the FOSDEM CoC. If you have any questions about the CoC or wish to have one of the devroom organisers review your presentation slides or any other content for CoC compliance, please email us and we will do our best to assist you.

[FOSDEM Code of Conduct] https://fosdem.org/2024/practical/conduct/

Contact Us

You can send a mail to network-devroom-manager at fosdem.org

Alexander Biehl <ab at zatroa.net>
Alfredo Cardigliano <cardigliano at ntop.org>
Luca Deri <deri at ntop.org>
"Charles Eckel (eckelcu)" <eckelcu at cisco.com>
Alessandro Improta <aimprota at catchpoint.com>
Samuele Pilleri <pillerisamuele at gmail.com>
Luca Sani <lsani at catchpoint.com>
Stephan Schmidt <stephan at lostboi.net>

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