[FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Energy devroom @ FOSDEM 2024

Kai Hermann kai.uwe.hermann at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 08:08:23 UTC 2023

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that for the second time there will be an Energy
devroom at FOSDEM. The dedicated Energy devroom will foster the broad
collaboration that is needed to successfully transform global energy
systems though open source.

Representatives of open source project communities working in the energy
space are encouraged to apply to present to the community at FOSDEM by
sharing your project, experiences, and thought leadership.

## Call for participation

Energy Devroom: “Reimagining the Energy Ecosystem through Open Source”

We are seeking presentations related to energy systems and energy usage.
Project overview presentations are welcome, however tangible applications
and use-cases are preferred, as are stories and lessons for community
building in the energy industry.

We anticipate topics such as scheduling energy consumption, electric
vehicle charging infrastructure, metering and measurement systems,
microgrid controls, applications for going off-grid, and more. If you are
unsure about what direction to take a topic, please reach out so we can
assist you.

Talks should be aimed at a technical audience, but should not assume that
attendees are already familiar with your project or how it solves a given
problem. Talk proposals may cover very specific solutions to a problem, or
may be a higher level project overview, particularly for lesser known
projects. Recordings of the 2023 Energy devroom sessions can be viewed at
https://archive.fosdem.org/2023/schedule/track/energy/, which may be useful
background when preparing your proposal.

Please feel free to suggest a duration between 20 minutes and 55 minutes
but note that the final decision on talk durations will be made by the
devroom managers based on the number of received proposals. We may decide
to schedule shorter slots so that more speakers can participate.

## Key dates

* 1 December: CfP submission deadline

* 15 December: Announcement of selected talks

* 3 February: Energy devroom at FOSDEM, you must be available onsite to
present your talk.

All deadlines are at 00:00 UTC+1.

## Submission process

Please submit your proposals at https://fosdem.org/submit by the 1st of
December 2023, 00:00  (Europe/Brussels UTC+1). If you already have an
account from a previous year, you should reuse it so all recorded FOSDEM
contributions are associated with your profile.

When submitting your proposal, select 'Energy: Reimagining this Ecosystem
through Open Source' from the track drop-down menu.

Write the desired duration (between 20 minutes and 55 minutes) including
question and answer into the proposal so we can take that into account when
planning. We may decide to give shorter slots so that more speakers can

If you will not be present on the campus in Brussels for the entire event
or wish to participate remotely, please also fill out the Availability tab
(under Person) to indicate the hours during which your presentation can be
scheduled taking into account your local time zone.

If you run into issues with your submission, please reach out to us so we
can assist you, or contact the program committee at program at fosdem.org.

## Requirements

The conference language is English. All content must relate to Free and
Open Source Software. By participating in the event you agree to the
publication of your recordings, slides and other content provided under the
same licence as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). By participating in FOSDEM you
are required to adhere the Code of Conduct:

## Please consider volunteering

Regardless if you submit a talk, please consider volunteering if you plan
on attending the devroom. Every small contribution counts, even just half
an hour, so if you want to help make our devroom a success, please let us
know so we can stay in touch and plan.

## Devroom managers

Current Devroom managers are Kai-Uwe Hermann, Anna-Lina Helsen, and Boris
Dolley. You can use the dedicated email address to contact us:
energy-devroom-manager at fosdem.org

Hope to see you at the Energy Devroom!
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