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So far I only received two proposals for talks in the devroom:
* Community based translations of games (Nils Kneuper)
* Game and Simulation development with Qt (Martin Scheffler)

Since these were submitted inside the deadline they are automatically
accepted. Of course we need some more talk proposals since having a devroom
with only two talks would be extremely boring.

I can extend the deadline for submissions by a week (until Sun, December 8th),
but afterwards I need to make sure that a schedule is available in pentabarf.
In case there are not at least 4 proposed talks each taking about 1h I am not
sure if it would not be better to ask the FOSDEM folks to cancel the games

So please submit proposals under

If you have problems with submitting your proposal, send me a mail ASAP!

Nils Kneuper aka Ivanovic

Am 27.10.2013 11:33, schrieb Nils Kneuper:
> FOSDEM2014 Call for Participation: Game development
> FOSDEM2014 will host a devroom centered on the development of Free and
> Open Source Games. Possible speakers (and topic suggestions) are invited to
> make their proposals. The game development devroom takes place on Saturday,
> February 1st, 10:00 - 18:00 (exact times might still change). The room
> (incl size) and building are not known yet.
> As topics anything regarding Open Source Game Development is allowed and 
> wanted. This includes talks about game specific areas like AI development
> as well as community integration, artwork (graphics and sound),
> translations in the context of games, integration of usermade content,
> cross platform porting (e.g. to mobile devices like phones) or whatever
> else you might find. If you are interested in seeing a list of last years
> talks, please head over to [1] and [2].
> FOSDEM is a conference centered on technical topics, as a result, the
> talks ought to cover technical issues that are relevant to open source
> game development. Speakers are encouraged to draw on their own experience
> as game developers in order to convey a message that is of interest to the
> game development community as a whole. The sessions are not limited to just
> holding a talk. If you have an idea e.g. moderating a discussion round,
> this can also be a session.
> To submit a talk, please create an account at the conference's submission 
> system [3] and select the devroom as the talk's track. Should there be any 
> problems, please send a mail to the devroom mailing list [4]. In your 
> submission, be sure to include:
> - Title and approximate length of the talk (in the General tab), - the
> correct track (should be the games dev, also in the General tab), - a short
> abstract (in the Description tab, please also list or associated project
> here).
> Talks should not exceed 45 minutes. To help us schedule, please indicate 
> whether your talk is flexible in its length. Deadline for submissions is 
> December 1st, 23:00 GMT+1. We will announce acceptance and hopefully a
> rough schedule before Christmas.
> This year the FOSDEM team plans to offer video recordings of every
> devroom. But they do need our help to accomplish this. The task required
> here is some people who tend to be in the devroom (almost) all day anyway
> and help with looking after the camera(s) and/or audio mixer while watching
> the talks. If a speaker does not want to be recorded, please tell me at
> latest right before the talk. The videos are planned to be shown on the
> fosdem website at [5] once the event is over. The planned license is CC
> BY-SA. If this does not work for you, different licenses might also be
> possible.
> FOSDEM can not offer reimbursements for travel or hotel costs, so every 
> speaker will have to cover the costs themselves.
> For more and further information please make sure to subscribe to the
> mailing list of the devroom. The list was reset prior to the event so you
> will have to resubscribe to receive messages.
> Looking forward to meeting you in the Game Development Devroom at FOSDEM
> 2014 in Brussels, Nils Kneuper
> [1] 
> [3] [4]
> [5]
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