[Security-devroom] Talk submission, EJBCA and OpenSC

Tomas Gustavsson tomas at primekey.se
Thu Dec 9 17:14:49 CET 2010


Here is my submission for a talk at the security devroom at Fosdem.

I can probably jam my session into a 30 minute slot.

Who am I?
Tomas Gustavsson
Tel: 046-707421096
Email: see from field

PrimeKey Solutions AB / EJBCA

Project founder/manager of the EJBCA PKI project (http://ejbca.org/) and
CTO at PrimeKey (http://primekey.se). Long time developer and consultant
with PKI/security solutions (nowadays exclusively for EJBCA and
SignServer). Contributor to projects such as BouncyCastle
(http://bouncycastle.org/). Have also sent minor patches to other
projects such as pcsclite and openscep.

Talk duration:
I can probably cram my session into a 30 minute slot.

Talk description:
"PKI smart cards in practice; usage lifecycle"

The whole chain needed in order to use smart cards are quite complex.
PKI, middle-ware and cards are needed and must all work together in
order to make a succesful deployment in larger scale.
This talk will demonstrate how opensc can be used together with EJBCA
PKI, using smart cards as an HSM for the certificate authority, issuing
certificates to user smart cards to be used for client authentication.
We will show where the tricky integration points are and talk about what
we can do about it together.

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