[Security-devroom] Restaurant on saturday's evening

Larry Stefonic larry at yassl.com
Tue Feb 1 17:39:27 CET 2011

> > We should certainly plan some time to dismantle the room in peace and
> > so that we do not have to rush when going to dinner, which would ruin
> > the meal, but 2h30 is too long for me is what I was trying to say.
> > Sorry for being unclear! :(
> One option would be to prepare for the day, what Larry offered seems
> quite a good idea. Unfortunately I don't know what a "clif bar" is but
> Googling suggests it might be a nice bite (clif bar and red bull?)

I grabbed a box of 24 clif bars to bring over.  Red bull is a pefect
compliment to clif bar's, but they're a little too heavy to travel with in

What is the expected attendance for the room?


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