[Security-devroom] Schedule and general organisation

Tomas Gustavsson tomas at primekey.se
Tue Jan 18 09:54:14 CET 2011


We're 9 people coming from PrimeKey (must be some kind of record 
right?). Dinner and beer sounds nice. perhaps some of us will do 
something else, but a bunch would sure follow.


On 01/17/2011 11:05 AM, Aris Adamantiadis wrote:
> Le 17/01/11 10:56, Peter Stuge a écrit :
>> I thought about this too, it's about time to sort out the schedule.
>> How will that be done exactly? Do we just discuss opinions on this
>> mailing list? There are (slightly) more proposals than there is time,
>> so I guess someone will have to get cut..
> I think there's still Adrien's talk that was scheduled twice, we may
> ask for his opinion.
>> I think all help is most welcome. Do you already have an idea for a
>> place to go?
> I know a very nice restaurant, but it's not traditional Belgian meal. I
> also need to reserve soon enough (=1.5 weeks before) because it's small
> and having a table for 20 is not guaranteed.
> http://www.resto.be/ware/details.jsp?businessid=3607 (see, lots of 10/10 :)
> Hence my question, who's going to participate ?
> If you'd like I find an alternative (i.e. for typical Belgian one), I
> will start to look for one.
> Aris
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