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Martin Paljak martin at martinpaljak.net
Fri Jan 21 14:26:35 CET 2011

Hello all,

Sorry for being late on this - I was ill (again...) and was either mentally neglecting the idea of doing any meaningful work or dealing with the backlog...
Now when the official scheduling website was made available just a day or two ago, we nevertheless still have ~4 days to fix the schedule.

There have been questions about confirmed/unconfirmed talks. Up to this point I believe we can squeeze everything and everyone in, with a few small adjustments:

A) Only max 30 minutes slot, one slot per presenter.
   Rationale: we need good stuff, and only the good stuff, no time for "tl;dr" [1] style presentations of complicated "small font, long screens" boring stuff you anyway get to see at meetings, trade shows or classes or from the first answer on Google.
   Focus on the best part of what you have to say, assume that listeners were not born yesterday and know the context, and be prepared for a few smart questions to add the cherry on the cake with the most concluding answers.

B) IMO the devroom should cater to two types of people: ones who might be there the whole day (like me, probably) and want to know about projects and network with people who are interested in the subject, and the rest of probably tens if not hundreds of "hop-on, hop-off" visitors who come browsing or for a specific talk. I've been re-assured by organizers that the number of visitors will outnumber the residents, also I don't know how many of you will take this as a chance to create a "workshop" vs a casual presenting gig. For those who'll show up in the morning (in addition to the talker who gets scheduled for the first slot ;)) I'd still like to have an introductory round, to get to know the people myself and to introduce the folks who'll make the day (vs giving a word to all project participants who show up, even if they don't have a presenting slot, like originally planned). But keep it short, maybe during the tech setup time. This gives +1h more time for actual talks.

C) For hands-on training session, I got feedback from the Debian miniconf that it is not really effective in a "classroom style". Yet it would be extremely beneficial to a) show some tech and flashing LEDs b) help people get on the bandwagon with hands-on practice. Jean-Michel, I thus suggest you to a) re-do your proposal, taking into account the one slot, up to 30 per talker limitation and b) prepare for a "hands on tech corner" in the devroom for any training and showcasing stuff to people who want to see and touch. Organizers have suggested that a) tables might not be available inside rooms (but could probably be arranged), only seats with embedded foldable tables b) no activity outside of the room (hallways will be packed) c) be prepared for a HUGE crowd (meaning it is not physically possible to deal with handing out samples and such for the whole devroom)

D) The rest should be prioritized with the relation to the original devroom theme (+1 for demonstrated relation to hardware crypto, +1 for smart cards etc, +33 with a relation to OpenSC etc). Yet the variety of talks is nice, for example I like rootkits (not in my own machine, of course) as there will be occasional visitors who don't know/don't care about smart cards whatsoever.

There are known restrictions to the schedule, like Stef Walker arriving in the afternoon (14.00+), if there's anyone else who will not be available for any given timeslot since morning, please let me know.

I would like to have a 15 minutes slot myself (if there will be room for this), probably as a wrap with a "How OpenSC could look like in 2015 and what we could do to make it happen" theme (you know, milk rivers and self-serving tables in sub-orbit and all the other goodies that we dream about and were described in magazines in 1950 to be readily available in year 2000 already).

About the dinner event, which Aris below kindly volunteered to help with, we'd probably need to maintain a list of participants. Aris - will this require some kind of pre-payment to the restaurant or something similar?

 * Presenter who will be there from the morning and who plan to stick around for longer than their talk, please raise your hand (or write to OpenSC wiki directly/as well)
 * People who will be interested in an informal dinner event, which Aris volunteered to help organize, please raise your hand.
 * Do any of the presenters have restrictions to the schedule, like slots they will definitely not be able to make?
 * Has any of the presenters decided to give up their slot?
 * Presenters, please update your BIO-s in the wiki, together with 
 * Would it make sense to group the talks based on their nature (SSL libs, SSH libs etc) ?

I'll be in Brussels from Friday evening (19:30 at BRU) until Monday morning (or late Sunday, or maybe Monday evening, I'll leave from Amsterdam on Tuesday afternoon). I don't know yet where I'll stay in Brussels.

[1] http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tl%3Bdr

On Jan 17, 2011, at 11:30 AM, Aris Adamantiadis wrote:

> Hello,
> There's been a couple of days since the 10/1 deadline passed by, and I
> think most of the people who proposed something would like to know the
> schedule, if they are in, so they can organize themselves and work on
> their presentation.
> Also, any idea which room has been allocated for security-devroom ?
> On an other topic, I saw that Martin was still looking for somebody
> who's local to help with the evening's arrangements. I propose myself
> to do that.
> With kind regards,
> Aris
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