[Security-devroom] Schedule and general organisation

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jan 21 15:25:00 CET 2011

Martin Paljak wrote:
> squeeze everything and everyone in, with a few small adjustments:
> A) Only max 30 minutes slot, one slot per presenter.
> B) cater to two types of people: .. be there the whole day, and the
> rest of probably tens if not hundreds of "hop-on, hop-off" visitors
> C) For hands-on training session, I got feedback from the Debian
> miniconf that it is not really effective in a "classroom style".
> Yet it would be extremely beneficial to a) show some tech and
> flashing LEDs b) help people get on the bandwagon with hands-on
> practice.
> D) The rest should be prioritized with the relation to the original
> devroom theme (+1 for demonstrated relation to hardware crypto, +1
> for smart cards etc, +33 with a relation to OpenSC etc).


> I would like to have a 15 minutes slot myself (if there will be
> room for this), probably as a wrap with a "How OpenSC could look
> like in 2015 and what we could do to make it happen" theme

I was also thinking that we should make sure to end the day with
thoughts on mid- to long term goals that we want to set for hardware
crypto software.

It may be nice to have part of it be open discussion and reflection.
Maybe you or everyone asks the audience questions, and we basically
get a panel debate, just with everyone in the room.

> About the dinner event, which Aris below kindly volunteered to
> help with, we'd probably need to maintain a list of participants.

Yes, and it might not be enough to coordinate that list on this
mailing list - or is everyone who would like to join for the dinner
actually subscribed? It would be easy to miss someone.

> * Presenter who will be there from the morning and who plan to
> stick around for longer than their talk, please raise your hand

I very much think that we should all be there no later than 13.00 and
start the day with introductions of ourselves. If most/all can agree
to be there even 12.30 or at noon then maybe even better, but maybe
that is logistically difficult (organizers not allowing entry) or
maybe the meeting time will not reach everyone who we would like to

Other than that I think it's fine to come and go. I'll try to also
help out in the coreboot/flashrom booth in the exhibition, and get
some time to talk to people, but we only have the room one day so
it's important to make the most of it when everyone is gathered.

> * People who will be interested in an informal dinner event, which
> Aris volunteered to help organize, please raise your hand.

Count me in.

> * Would it make sense to group the talks based on their nature
> (SSL libs, SSH libs etc) ?


> I'll be in Brussels from Friday evening (19:30 at BRU) until Monday
> morning (or late Sunday, or maybe Monday evening .. I don't know
> yet where I'll stay in Brussels.

I've made a reservation at Mercure Brussels Center Louise

..for Friday to Monday, but no flight yet.

The hotel is decent class fairly comfortably near the venue, closer
to the venue than to the city centre. A tram stops a few minutes away
from the hotel, and some ten stops later (15 minutes?) right outside
the venue. Suggest buy 10-trip JUMP card at the central station, it's
valid for all public transport one year. I might still have some
trips from last year. :)

Oh, and buy a return ticket for the airport train. I don't remember
why, but there was a very good reason for it. Possibly ticket offices
were closed on Sunday, or tickets could only be bought at the
airport, or some other really good reason.

Another pointer is that Brussels public transport stops at 1am also
on weekends, so for adventures out on town involving beverages you
either have to watch the clock, take a taxi, or walk.


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