[Security-devroom] FOSDEM Security / hardware crypto devroom update

Martin Paljak martin at martinpaljak.net
Fri Jan 28 11:03:06 CET 2011


(posted to opensc-devel to remind those who have not signed up to security-devroom list yet)

== Information on OpenSC wiki has been updated and should be consulted for the latest status of things and for further pointers:


== Subscribe to security-devroom to get the latest updates about the devroom before, during and after the event


== The schedule of the devroom is available on FOSDEM website:

 If you have last minute corrections to it (like missing abstracts or descriptions or typos etc) you have until late tonight to do that. Please e-mail me directly.

== The day ends with an open discussion panel on how to make smart cards (or heavy-iron HSM crypto) work seamlessly with open source software.
 The discussion continues with a dinner and fine Belgian beer in a nearby restaurant. Don't forget to register for the dinner, so the right size table(s) could be booked.

The schedule is varying and interesting, covering topics from rootkits to crypto library integration to running a CA. I'm sure it will be interesting and educating and will help us improve the
open source software in this field even further and make a real difference, being superior when compared to locked, opaque solutions from commercial vendors.

Thanks to everyone who helps to make this exciting event happen!


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