[security-devroom] OpenSC @ FOSDEM 2012 & resurrection of security-devroom list

Martin Paljak martin at martinpaljak.net
Tue Nov 1 12:36:18 CET 2011


1. I filed for a security devroom again, I hope it will be accepted
(hey, they even resurrected the mailing list). The theme of the devroom
is "(hardware) security / crypto"
2. The scheme is the same as last year, except there should be a
(different) room for two days, where the second day will be pure hands
on hacking. I plan to bring a bunch of different hardware and I hope to
see many people from different projects and hopefully we can even have a
short hackathon there.
3. Please distribute at relevant lists/forums/groups links
 - to the mailing list at [1]
 - to the wiki [2]
4. If you have a talk proposal, please send a short description of it to
the same list or add it to the currently empty wiki page [2] following
basically the same CFP as last year [3]. Also, feel free to voice your
interests either on the list or in the wiki. For example, I'm personally
interested in hearing something about CESECORE [4] and Android(/smart
cards, like [5]), hopefully this helps to send the word around that we
actually could see people associated with such efforts.


[1] https://lists.fosdem.org/mailman/listinfo/security-devroom
[2] http://www.opensc-project.org/opensc/wiki/FOSDEM2012
[3] https://www.opensc-project.org/opensc/wiki/FOSDEM2011/CFP
[4] https://www.cesecore.eu/
[5] http://code.google.com/p/seek-for-android/

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