[security-devroom] Talk and workshop: Deployment and Use of X.509 in Free Software Components

Бранко Мајић branko at majic.rs
Tue Nov 8 21:57:24 CET 2011


I'd like to submit a proposal for a talk and maybe a workshop if
resources permit.


Name: Branko Majic
E-mail: From mail header


I'm a system integration engineer/system administrator, Free Software
enthusiast and supporter. I've been dealing with deployment of various
Free Software solutions (integrating them often with proprietary
solutions), and for the past two years I've dealt a lot with
security-related technologies (mainly X.509, some Kerberos, and
integration/installation of different solutions with those).

Talk Info

Duration: Depending on topics I'd cover, 30-40 minutes

The talk will cover the use of X.509 in available Free Software
applications, the obstacles that integrators are bound to face, and the
way the integration process might be improved. The talk should also
cover some areas which are currently lacking in terms of implementation
in Free Software projects. The talk is more oriented towards the system

Workshop Info

The workshop should include a practical demonstration of deployment of
X.509 infrastructure, integration of various services to use X.509
certificates and infrastructure, with demos provided with virtual
machines. Purpose is to demonstrate the functionality in Free Software
related to X.509, primarily in terms of enterprise-readiness of such

Additional Information

The talk and workshop will be heavily based on an online book I'm
working on which can be found here:


I might have some trouble with the virtual environment, though, since
I don't have a sufficiently powerful laptop to have it running. If
anyone has ideas or could donate a machine with enough CPU power/RAM
for the duration of workshop, I'd be very grateful :)

Branko Majic
Jabber: branko at majic.rs
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Бранко Мајић
Џабер: branko at majic.rs
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