[FOSDEM] keysigning party

markus reichelt ml at mareichelt.de
Mon Dec 22 21:17:52 CET 2008

* Christophe Vandeplas <cvandeplas at fosdem.org> wrote:

> There will be two different keysigning parties. For PGP/GPG you'll
> need to register in advance and send in your key. The instructions
> should be posted soonish on the website.

I know the procedure and am looking forward to it - IF I can get
cheap train tickets for the event. Looks like the event has a history
of taking place on sunday, at least that's what archive.fosdem.org is
telling me. So, I'll cast my vote for the sunday, whatever good it
will do.

And I'll also post the info about the keysigning party to the
gnupg-users mailinglist (even if Werner Koch will probably voice his
dislike of the procedure once again) to draw further attention to it.

Looks like I am also in Berlin during the time of 25C3, but their GPG
keysigning parties of late are not worth mentioning. Too few people,
changes on short notice, a total bummer (not to say utter failure -
oops). So far the schedule hasn't convinced me to get a ticket
though; some talks look interesting, but one can get them later as
video anyway.

> For the CAcert you can just show up during the event.


Thanks, but no.

left blank, right bald
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