[FOSDEM] Re: Donation by Novell

Xavier Dubruille xavier.dubruille at student.uclouvain.be
Tue Jan 13 20:04:17 CET 2009

Hi :)

I just wanted to write an unconstructive mail in this unconstructive
discuss..  to say that i deserve insult too :D

I've just read Rui's opinion and i've liked what he said..

Then i've read the answer, and i realise that it's not FOSDEM purpose..
and understood that fosdem's goal is mainly about open-source world (not
politics, or freeSoftware philosophy) (but it doesn't change how
interesting fosdem is..)

That should be simple and the discuss should be over (and has never been
started)? why always so much anger ;)


PS:I'm leaving in 1hour,and may not be able to answer before thursday..
(but it's just an unconstructive mail, not waiting for answer ;)

PPS: sorry for my poor english!

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