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Mon Oct 12 18:56:43 CEST 2009

The goal of the *main tracks* is to host high-quality seminars for a broad
and technical audience. Every track is organized around a theme (security,
kernel, collaboration, ...) and contains 3 seminars. The main tracks are held
in the two biggest rooms, giving a seat to 550 and 1400 visitors.

You can propose a main track talk by filling out the form below. Using all
received submissions, we will select the main track themes and accompanying

.... Before applying, be aware that:

  * A speaker is given exactly 50 minutes time, include questions and answers.
    A moderator will be there showing you signs of 15, 10 and 5 minutes left.
  * The subject should be about free or open source software development.
  * The proposed lecture should be technical. Our visitors do not come to
    FOSDEM for a marketing talk or a simple overview of the features of some
  * Accordingly, a main track talk speaker should be a developer of the
  * All main track talks will be recorded. The recordings and slides will be
    made available freely, shortly after the event.

.... Further practical considerations:

  * By sending in your abstract you acknowledge that you keep the dates of 6-7
    Feburary 2010 free in case your proposal has been selected.
  * The travel expenses and hotel bookings of main track speakers are covered
    by FOSDEM. Speakers are kindly asked to book their travel themselves while
    FOSDEM manages the hotel. Bringing your partner is encouraged but his/her
    costs are not covered by FOSDEM. (except the hotel)
  * You will need to keep proofs of your expenses, reimbursement will be done
    after the event.

If you are interested in doing a Main Track talk at FOSDEM 2010, submit the
form below !

*Key Dates:*
2009-11-22: Deadline for main track talk requests
2009-11-29: Acceptance notification of main tracks
2010-02-06 to 2009-02-07: FOSDEM 2010

For more information about main tracks, contact /maintracks at fosdem.org/

For more information, or to fill in the form check out:

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