[FOSDEM] Speaker announcement

Mattias 'Tias' Guns mguns at fosdem.org
Fri Jan 14 01:08:08 CET 2011

We are happy to announce the first details on the official FOSDEM 2011 

As keynote speakers, we are very proud to host Eben Moglen, Jonathan 
Corbet and Chris Lattner:
* Eben Moglen will speak about "Why Political Liberty Depends on 
Software Freedom More Than Ever",
* Jonathan Corbet will speak about "How kernel development goes wrong 
and why you should be a part of it anyway",
* and Chris Lattner will close off with a keynote on Clang and the LLVM 
compiler infrastructure.

On top of that, there will be 6 fantastic main tracks, succinctly named 
'Browsing', 'Cloud', 'Frameworks', 'Languages', 'Office' and 'System'.
See also http://fosdem.org/2011/news/speaker-announcement

* Lennart Poettering: "systemd: Beyond init"
* James Turnbull: "DevOps - More than Marketing"
* Spike Morrelli: "I'm Going M.A.D"

* Michael Meeks: "Liberating Open Office Development"
* Jos van den Oever: "WebODF: an office suite built on browser technology"
* Boudewijn Rempt: "Calligra Under the Hood — Using the Calligra Suite 
Office engine in your own applications."

* Andrew Gerrand: "Practical Go Programming"
* David Fetter: "PL/Parrot: Cutting Edge Free Software"
* David Chisnall: "Objective-C: Not just for Macs and iPhones"

* Andrew Godwin: "Django's architecture - the good, the bad, and the ugly"
* Manik Surtani on Infinispan
* Martijn Dashorst on Apache Wicket

* Gratien D'haese: "Linux Disaster Recovery as a Service (with rear)"
* Soren Hansen: "Building a free, massively scalable cloud computing 

* Paul Rouget: "The life of a Firefox feature"
* Ian Fette on Chrome

A more detailed schedule, including devroom schedules, talk abstracts 
and speaker info, will be published after we've taught the conference 
management system to behave more nicely ; )

Kind regards,
The FOSDEM organizers

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