[FOSDEM] Request to do smartcard training in a room somewhere at FOSDEM

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Mon Jan 24 11:08:52 CET 2011

On 2011-01-24 10:18:03 (+0100), Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE <jmpoure at gooze.eu> wrote:
> There were some discussions about having a training corner inside the
> security dev-room, but knowing FOSDEM, I don't know whether this is
> possible to have two discussions in the same room.

It is perfectly possible to have two discussions in the same room, just not at
the same time (not in an organized way, anyway).  Devroom coordinators are
expected to submit their schedules to us, and people interested in presenting
in a devroom are expected to make themselves known to the devroom

The deadline for submitting final devroom schedules is tomorrow.  I don't
think I've seen the "security and hardware crypto" devroom schedule yet.
Maybe the coordinator still has a timeslot for you?

According to the mailing list archives, the call for participation in that
devroom ended a month ago, however:


I hope we'll see the data in pentabarf Real Soon Now[tm].

> We would like to offer a training on smartcards, security tokens and
> One-Time Passwords. There will be free hardware for people having a
> free-software project (we already gave dozens of smarcards to projects).
> All this is all about free software, there is no proprietary solution
> involved.
> Is there a place where I could sit on a table and offer training? Is
> there some kind of training room at FOSDEM, where people learn how to
> install Debian or Ubuntu. This would be fine for me.

There really is no "extra" space at FOSDEM this year.  The conference is two
weeks away and every m³ has been allocated and all of the available time has
been scheduled.

> I admit this is a little bit late, but please consider there was no
> suitable solution at security dev-room.

I'm afraid that this late in the game, we can't offer you anything.  Our
current priorities are getting the final schedule published on the website,
meeting our booklet/etc printing deadlines and finding new ways of injecting
ever increasing quantities of caffeine into our systems.

We don't like saying "no", but "yes" and "maybe" aren't possible anymore for
this year.  

 - Philip

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