[FOSDEM] fosdem-schedule packages for Maemo and Debian (was: News : Android, iPhone, Maemo, WebOS ... developers wanted)

gregor herrmann gregor+fosdem at comodo.priv.at
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On Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:08:17 +0100, info at fosdem.org wrote:

> Last edition there was a FOSDEM schedule application [1] available for almost
> every phone platform. Following this success we'd like to do a new
> call-for-development to ask the same thing again for this edition.
> -------- EXISTING CODE
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Make sure you use the existing code where possible, 

I've now taken the code from the fosdem-maemo project [0] and created
fosdem-schedule packages from the current version in svn [1] for
maemo5 (fremantle-1.3; armel) and Debian (sid; armel, amd64, and


I haven't touched the code. On the packaging side,
- for maemo5 I've made only the necessary changes so that the package
  actually builds and runs [2]
- for Debian I've rewritten the debian/ directory from scratch in
  order to get a proper Debian package :) (and applied two tiny
  patches to get the files in the right places where they differ from


The (source and binary) packages are availabe in my private repo.

Either add the location to your sources.list:

deb http://www.toastfreeware.priv.at/debian fremantle free

deb http://www.toastfreeware.priv.at/debian unstable main

and run apt(-get|itude) update; apt(-get|itude) install fosdem-schedule

or grab and install the packages manually:



Info about the repo signing key is available at

First start/configuration:

On Debian you might have to rm ~/.fosdem if you had a previous
version installed. (On maemo5 this happens in the postinst.)

Don't be shocked: when you start fosdem-schedule you will see the
schedule of last year's fosdem (the sql version is still included).
Go to Menu > Conferences, add a new conference and enter
(You can delete or leave the "FOSDEM 2010" conference there.)

Make sure to select "FOSDEM 2011" before leaving the dialog; in the
main window you might have to switch tabs once to get the dates on the
left updated.

PS: For the N900 there's also sojourner; cf. the author's
announcement at


[0] http://sourceforge.net/projects/fosdem-maemo/
[1] https://fosdem-maemo.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fosdem-maemo/trunk
    revision 262
[2] from the changelog:
  * debian/rules:
    - call qmake in configure target
    - call make distclean in clean target
    - remove generated files in clean target
  * debian/control:
    - add build dependency on sqlite3
    - build depend on libqt4-experimental-dev instead of libqt4-dev (importing
      schedules with the libqt4-* stack leads to a segfault)
    - add explicit (build) dependency on libqt4-experimental-sql-sqlite
  * Remove references to 2010 in debian/control and .desktop file.

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