[FOSDEM] [FOSDEM 2012-Graph Processing Room] Call for participations

Pere Urbón Bayes purbon at graph-database.org
Wed Nov 16 23:04:55 CET 2011

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Call for Participation

This is to announce the next Graph Processing DevRoom to be co-located
with in the FOSDEM 2012. The meetup will take place next 5 of February
2012, from 9AM until 5PM, room AW1.125, more information will be
available when we’ll have the final schedule.

Since 2-3 years graph processing systems are gaining an emerging
impact for processing complex semi-structured and interrelated data
sets. Graph databases like Neo4j, Semantic Web and Linked Open Data
approaches like the DBPedia project, and large-scale graph processing
like Apache Hama encourage each one of us to think about our problems
in graph like structures. Thanks to the high quality open source
implementations and outstanding community support, this movement is
currently wining a lot of momentum within different developer

Related projects and topics

We encourage you to submit talks regarding the next topics:

Graph Representations and Storage
Distributed Graph Processing
Graph Query Languages and user-friendly APIs
Semantic Graphs
Graph Mining
Application of graphs and industry experience
Experiences on GIS, multimedia databases, BMP,...

Contributions expected from:

Tinkerpop Blueprints
Apache Hama
Apache Mahout
Apache Giraph

This list is not closed, related topics are welcome. Should be noticed
we look for high quality, technical submissions, ranging for
principles to practice. Submissions should be bases on free software

Important dates (all GMT+1):

Submission deadline: 23-12-2011
Notification of accepted speakers: 28-12-2011
Publication of the final schedule: 4-01-2012
Meetup: 5 of February 2012, Brussels, Belgium. Co-located with in FOSDEM 2012.

People interested in giving a presentation or demo should send their
proposal to graph-devroom at graph-database.org, with the following

+ Their name, nick and a short bio
+ The title of the presentation
+ A short abstract describing the session
+ The desired duration time

The benchmarking game

There will be an open benchmarking game that will be announced soon.


Follow @GraphDevRoom on twitter, you can also subscribe to
graph-devroom at list.fosdem.org to be updated with the latest news of
the event.Or just go to our website http://fosdem.graph-database.org

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