[FOSDEM] FOSDEM 2013 feedback

Boriss Mejias bmejias at dcc.uchile.cl
Fri Feb 15 15:23:32 CET 2013

On 02/13/2013 06:48 PM, Thomas Clavier wrote:
>      Hello,
> 7 years i come to Fosdem, thanks a lot :-D IMHO it's the most important
> event about free software. The event we can't skip.

Hi guys,

First of all, a big thank to the organizers. Great FOSDEM once again. It is 
amazing to see how the event gets larger without sacrificing quality. That's 
very difficult to achieve, so congratulations.

Below some comments and my feedback as well.

> Each years they are more and more people ... and room with popular
> subject are quickly full :-(
> In my opinion, if we have ability to vote for subject before event it's
> possible to move it in big room ?

I think this is a great idea. Like that, the organizers would be able to spot 
a hot topic in advance, like the Python devroom, and it will push the devroom 
organizers to publish their schedule in time, so that they can get more people 
to vote for their devroom.

> For next year is it possible to publish schedule without room name with
> ability to vote for talk or devroom ?

This idea is more complicated. How are you going to update the information of 
the room when it's decided? I think most people would miss a talk they want to 
see because they won't know where it is.

> An other idea it's to add webcam in front of each room to see queue size :-D


> In other hand, it's very difficult to have fresh beer ... with help of
> weather is not possible to store beer reserves outside ?

I also think the price of the beer was too high this year. It's almost the 
same price as in a caffe, but you don't get a glass. I don't mind drinking 
from the bottle if I'm only paying 2 euros as in previous years. But paying 
50% more, and still getting just the bottle is less motivating. I spent less 
money in beer this year because of the price. Anyway, apart from that, thanks 
for having Rochefort and Westmalle again ;-)

Anyway, here is the rest of my feedback.

Moving the main infodesk to building K was a great idea. That building can 
host a lot of people without having the feeling that it is too crowded, and 
the corridors of building H were much more comfortable.

The toilets were very clean, and "for free", something unusual in Belgium. 
Thanks for that.

It's funny that even with the increasing amount of smartphones and tablets, 
people still prefer schedules printed on paper. So it was a pity I couldn't 
get one. They were out already on Saturday early afternoon. However, the stock 
of t-shirts was very good, and I could get my Fosdem t-shirt even on Sunday noon.

See you next year,

> Lot of thanks to staff members and volunteers.
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