[FOSDEM] accepted lightningtalks

Tias Guns tias at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 3 17:32:24 CET 2013

Hello all,

We've had a record number of submissions (80!) of which we could accept 
37. Here is the list of accepted lightningtalks:

Accessibility and free software, it's possible -- Jean-Philippe Mengual
Actionaz -- Jonathan Mercier-Ganady
A high level language for low level code -- Justin Cormack
Arduino: from prototype to final product -- Fellipe Rollin
BIND 10: DNS by Cooperating Processes -- Shane Kerr
blkreplay -- David Meder-Marouelli
Borderlands, Granular Sequencer -- thomas hocedez
Cloudeebus -- Luc Yriarte
Coding Goûter - Sharing our passion for code with our kids. A new kind 
of family time. -- Julien Dorra
Crypto.cat -- Daniel Faucon
Do you want to measure your project? -- Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona
EasyTAG -- David King
EDE, a light desktop environmnent -- Sanel Zukan
eGov Testing Machine to ensure Free Software users freedom to access 
eGovernment services -- Shaun Schutte
eTests -- Grégoire Vincke
Fipes -- Romain Gauthier
FluxBB -- Franz Liedke
How to hack on Wikipedia -- Quim Gil
I'm Luvin' It -- Tomaz Muraus
Jazzperiments -- Teun de Lange
Kolab Groupware -- Torsten Grote
Managing your metal flexibly -- Greg Sutcliffe
naxsi, an open-source web application firewall for nginx -- koechlin 
Phone liberation parties -- Erik Albers
Protocols Are Everywhere: RE with Netzob -- Georges Bossert
pystemon -- Christophe Vandeplas
Python GraphDB -- Amirouche Boubekki
Searduino - Arduino simulator and C/C++ devel environment -- Henrik Sandklef
Spoiling and Counter-spoiling -- Riccardo Bernardini
The C2 programming language -- Bas van den Berg
The development infrastructure of the TYPO3 project -- Steffen Gebert
The LLVMLinux Project -- Jan-Simon Möller
Tracy -- Merlijn Wajer
Using Gerrit Code Review in an open-source project -- Steffen Gebert
Vehicular traffic estimation through bluetooth detection, the 
open-source way -- Paolo Valleri
Vendorificator -- Maciej Pasternacki
ZONE: towards a better news feed -- Desclaux Christophe

Exact timings will appear on http://fosdem.org in due time.

Kind regards,
The lightningtalk organizers

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