[FOSDEM] CfP: geospatial devroom at FOSDEM

Johan Van de Wauw johan.vandewauw at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 09:33:24 CEST 2014

Call For papers Geospatial devroom @FOSDEM

Please forward!

FOSDEM is a free open source event bringing together about 5000
developers in Brussels, Belgium. The goal is to provide open source
software developers and communities a place to meet at. The next
edition will take place the weekend 31/1 -> 1/2/2015. This year for
the first time there will be a geospatial devroom on Sunday 1/2/2015!

Geospatial technology becomes more and more part of mainstream IT. The
idea is to bring together people with different backgrounds to better
explain and understand the opportunities Geospatial can offer. This
devroom will host topics explaining the state of the art of geospatial
technology, and how it can be used amongst other projects.

The geospatial devroom is the place to talk about open, geo-related
data and software and their ecosystem. This includes standards and
tools, e.g. for spatial databases, and online mapping, geospatial
services, used for collecting, storing, delivering, analysing, and
visualizing puposes. Typical topics that will be covered are:

 * Web and desktop GIS applications
 * Interoperable geospatial web services and specifications
 * Collection of data using sensors/drones/satellites
 * Open hardware for geospatial applications
 * Geo-analytic algorithms/libraries
 * Geospatial extensions for classical databases (indexes, operations)
 * Dedicated databases


Are you thrilled to present your work to other open source developers?
Would you like to run a discussion? Any other ideas? Please submit
your proposal at the Pentabarf event planning tool at:


When submitting your talk in Pentabarf, make sure to select the
'Geospatial devroom' as  'Track'. Please specify in the notes if you
prefer for your presentation a short timeslot (lightning talks ~10
minutes) or a long timeslot (20 minutes presentation + discussion).

The DEADLINE for submissions is **1st December 2014**

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch
with the organisers of the devroom at fosdem-geospatial at gisky.be!

Johan Van de Wauw
Margherita Di Leo
Astrid Emde
Anne Ghisla
Julien Fastré
Martin Hammitzsch
Andy Petrella
Dirk Frigne
Gael Musquet

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