[FOSDEM] requirement to start a devroom

Mark Van den Borre mvandenborre at fosdem.org
Sat Jul 1 21:44:36 CEST 2017

Hello Kristoff,

2017-07-01 21:10 GMT+02:00 Kristoff <kristoff at skypro.be>:
> Correct. In fact, the ham-radio infobooth we have had started out as an idea
> of some people who participated in the SDR devroom in 2014.
> So I am still a bit puzzled on how to see this and how to do this the best.
> (hence my question here).
In general, keep an eye on the call for proposals to appear to submit
a devroom request.

You can always try to ask for a separate devroom and explicitly
mention this is coordinated with SDR and for one year only. That might
have a non-zero chance of getting accepted.

But the hard truth is that we're always receiving several times the
number of applications, and we often have to disappoint people...

Kind regards,


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