[Security-devroom] Restaurant on saturday's evening

Martin Paljak martin at martinpaljak.net
Mon Jan 31 22:20:03 CET 2011


On Jan 31, 2011, at 8:24 PM, Peter Stuge wrote:

> Peter Stuge wrote:
>> Aris Adamantiadis wrote:
>>> I just contacted the restaurant. It's ok for 25 people (maybe more
>>> when I have more information), but we have to begin at 9.30 PM.
>> Fail. :\
> I must apologize. This deserves clarification!
> L'Artisan looks fantastic and I really would like to have dinner there.
> FOSDEM will be busy for me, and food options are quite limited on
> campus. I'll be starving by the time we close the devroom. My issue
> is strictly with the 9.30 time, although I normally love eating late.

For a while I remembered the time between devroom closing and dinner shifted from 1h to 1.5h but indeed, 21.30 (or 9.30 PM, +2.5h) is written on Doodle and in the e-mail.

True, 2.30 could be a bit too long time for some to just wait (and starve). But maybe it is possible to split for a quick snack and a nice beer in a nearby bar while those who want to visit their sleeping places could do that?

> We should certainly plan some time to dismantle the room in peace and
> so that we do not have to rush when going to dinner, which would ruin
> the meal, but 2h30 is too long for me is what I was trying to say.
> Sorry for being unclear! :(
One option would be to prepare for the day, what Larry offered seems quite a good idea. Unfortunately I don't know what a "clif bar" is but Googling suggests it might be a nice bite (clif bar and red bull?)

> I don't expect to bring much stuff so I will not stop by hotel before
> going for dinner. What plans do the rest of you have after the
> devroom closes? Aris kindly offered to try to adjust the reservation,
> what would be the prefered time for everyone?

I will be carrying stuff which I would like to drop off to the hotel (don't know where it is or how long it takes to get there and back) and get prepared for a  nice dinner and maybe some Belgian beverages later on somewhere. 
Whatever Aris can arrange and whatever suits to the majority of you is OK for me.



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